Team Creation Strategy

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Once you've created an account, set up team spaces to facilitate critiques among your community

Your contact at Creative Critique can help you set up any of these team spaces, or brainstorm other team space themes based on your needs!

Common team space ideas include: 

Periodic Design Competitions

Award prizes for best critique and best iteration 

Mentor-Mentee Relationships

Facilitate live feedback, asynchronously 

Event Attendance Bonus

Event speakers provide feedback to attendees in the team space following the event 

Organization-Wide General Critique

Members can get critiques from anyone on any project, customize team categories to help users filter projects

Demographic-Based Team Spaces

Members can join different team spaces based on region, city, chapter, age group, etc

Topic-Specific Team Spaces

Members can join different team spaces based on topics like sustainability design, product design, logo design, web design, etc.

After setting up team spaces, invite your community to each team and start critiquing!

Find your team invite link by going to the team you want to invite people to, then clicking "Manage Team" in the top right of your team card, and then clicking "Copy Invite Link"

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