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How do I create a team?

1. Select the "Create a Team" button on the home page. 2. Enter your team's information (Guidelines are an optional field) and add a cool graphic to represent your team space. If you don't have a graphic yet, a placeholder "Team Space" graphic will be used, which you can replace later.

How do I invite people to my team?

1. Within the team space that you want to invite people to, select the "Manage Team" button. 2. Scroll down past the team details to the "Copy Invite Link" text. Click that text, and a custom invite link will be copied to your computer's clipboard. Paste that link into a message for whoever you want to join the team, and when they click the link you sent and either sign up or log in to Creative Critique, they will automatically be brought to your team space and be added as a member of your team.

How do I remove people from my team?

1. Within the team space that you want to invite people to, select the "Manage Team" button. 2. Scroll down past the team details and you will see a list of all your current team members. Select the "x" icon next to whoever you would like to remove. Note that you will appear as the first team member, but you cannot remove yourself since you are the manage of the team.

How do I leave a team?

1. Navigate to the team that you want to leave, and select "Leave Team". Note that you can't leave a team that you created.

Giving & Getting Critiques

How do I ask for a critique?

1. Select the "Ask for Critique" button in the header bar 2. Enter your project details, including up to 3 different attribute characteristics and up to 3 target audience descriptors. 3. Note - if you aren't a part of a team yet, you won't have anywhere to post your feedback request. You will want to create a team first and invite your creative friends to join the team before asking for feedback. Learn how to create a team in the "Teams" tab of this FAQ.

Where do I see my critique requests?

1. Select the "Projects" tab below your profile, and you will see all the critique requests you have created across all the teams that you are a part of.

How do I give a critique?

1. Select a team space (if you aren't part of any team spaces, learn how to create one in the "Teams" tab of this FAQ). 2. Within the team space, select a critique request you would like to learn more about. 3. Review the critique request details, then provide actionable written feedback on what works well, and what can be better (learn more about our feedback standards HERE). 4. You can also draw and/or type directly on the graphic to supplement your feedback by selecting the "Annotate Image" button. Once you're finished annotating the image, select "Save Annotation" at the bottom of the pop-up. 5. After reviewing your written and annotated feedback, select the "Submit your feedback" button, then scroll down to review the critiques that other team members gave as well!

Account Setup

How do I create a new account?

  • Go to: https://app.creativecritique.community/
  • Fill out your basic information, agree to our terms and conditions, and select "Sign Up" at the bottom of the page. Or, sign up with a Google account, if you have one, by selecting "Sign up with Google" at the top of the page.

How do I customize my account?

1. After logging in or signing up, select the "Edit Profile" button, as seen below: 2. Enter your information, then select "Save" in the bottom right, your profile will be updated!

Give me a big picture overview, how does this platform work?

Thanks for asking! Watch this video for a quick overview of the main functions of our platform.

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