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Feedback Example

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 A Quality Feedback Request


Project Attributes:


Project Audience:

Age 26-35
Age 36-45

Hi guys! I'm currently at the logo concept development phase for a project I'm currently working on, so I'm actually still exploring a lot of concepts. This is one direction that I will most probably include in the concept presentation. Will still narrow it down to one concept though. I was wondering what you guys think fit the brand the most, and if you guys have seen anything similar.
Name: Amorene Jewelry
Products: 18K & 21K Gold

Feedback that should be approved looks like:

What Works Well:

Love where you’re going with this concept - the the “A” and eternity theme is a good call in all your designs, I definitely see the inclusive attribute.


I would recommend working with the third graphic option you posted because the flat bottom will be easy to center the store name beneath, and the layered outlines are more well balanced than the second & fourth option.

What Could Be Better:

One idea is to consider varying the line thickness to give the logo a more calligraphic feel, which I think would also help you hit on the luxurious attribute. Also, at a glance, the logo could feel more reminiscent of an “&” symbol than an “A”, maybe consider moving the pointed bottom center portion of the logo up just a tad to communicate more of a horizontal cross point like an “A” has.


Hope that helps!

Feedback that should be reported looks like:

What Works Well:

They all look really good - I don't think you can go wrong with any of them! I personally like the third option the best. 

What Could Be Better:

I honestly think the client would like all of these - keep up the great work!