Top 10 Communities for Design Educators in 2021

The best practices & resources for teaching design in a remote/hybrid & post-COVID world

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Design influences everything. The way we as a society perceive ideas and make decisions is impacted by the designs we interact with, so developing the next generation of creative minds to design the future is no small responsibility.

Design education is hard enough without a global pandemic, but in the remote and hybrid remote world that education has been forced to quickly pivot into, community and connection is more important than ever before.

We've curated a few of our favorite communities and podcasts for creative educators below to remind you that you're not alone, that other educators are facing the same challenges, and that with every challenge comes an opportunity to innovate. We hope that these resources will aide in your classroom's innovation.


1. AIGA Design Educators Community (Facebook)

If you're not a part of the AIGA, we would highly recommend joining your local chapter. The AIGA's DEC (Design Educators Community) is one of the most vibrant and productive communities we have seen with events and conferences, articles and publications, and a host of other resources, including their Facebook community linked above.

2. Online Art & Design Studio Instruction in the Age of "Social Distancing" (Facebook)

Join 17,000+ design educators from around the world discussing the best strategies for remote education, with new ideas, resources, lesson plans, and the occasional meme shared just about every hour.

3. Online School Closure Educator Support for Visual Art (Facebook)

A similar but more exclusive community than the previous resource, you must request membership by entering the school you work for and your role there. Once accepted, you can join discussions with 700+ educators.

4. Adobe Creative Educators (Facebook)

You must be at least a level 1 Adobe Creative Educator to join this space, but if you're not already part of the Adobe Education Exchange, you're missing out on an extensive catalog of professional development content and resources.

5. Design Education (Twitter & Slack) With both an application-only Slack community as well as an open and active Twitter account, Design Education facilitates quality synchronous and asynchronous community.


1. The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

Just launched in February of 2021, John Spencer offers great insights through guest interviews and his experiences as a college design educator. We especially like his episodes on project-based learning!

2. Design Education Talks with Lefteris Heretakis

A fascinating collection of interviews with thought leaders across the global design education community, Lefteris Heretakis facilitates great conversation and actionable insights.

3. K12 Art Chat Podcast with Laura & Matt Grundler

Focused on primary education, Laura & Matt are a wonderful couple who have built an amazing community on Twitter and through their podcast, interviewing innovative educators on art education's role in a variety of current topics.

4. Design Recharge with Diane Gibbs

Diane Gibbs is an amazing human being. Her podcast feels like a family, her genuine and caring personality shines through on every one of her 300+ fascinating interviews with designers across the globe, and her context as both an active designer and design educator helps bridge the gap between the business and education worlds.

5. Design Speaks Podcast with Brandi Sea

Brandi Sea and co-host Julie Haider are a dynamic duo providing insight on all things design strategy. Plus, they is a Creative Critique co-founder feature episode coming out soon!

If there is another resource or community that you enjoy, let us know and we would love to promote it!

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