Research on Who Creatives Ask for Creative Feedback

We conducted research on over 100 creatives, and the results took us by surprise

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Research shows that fellow creatives are statistically the highest quality source to ask for feedback on creative work, so we set out to learn who creatives are currently asking for feedback from.

118 creatives from across the world completed our survey, none of which had any connection to or knowledge of Creative Critique (our website wasn't even launched at the time).

Current Creative Feedback Environment: 57.6% of creatives receive most of their creative feedback from sources other than their client or creative coworkers

This is even more surprising considering that 75.4% of the creatives surveyed work full-time on creative teams, and 90.2% of the feedback received for our surveyed creatives influences the outcome of their work.

So where are creatives getting feedback from?

  • Social media (21.2%)

  • Online blogs/forums (12.7%)

  • Friends/roommates (11%)

  • Family (8.5)

  • And even complete strangers (4.2%)

Challenges with the current environment:

When getting feedback from social media, friends/roommates, and family, they are more incentivized to preserve their existing relationship with you and tell you that your work is great than to give honest feedback.

While online blogs/forums or strangers don't have a biased perspective from the context of a relationship with you, they aren't incentivized to exert the effort and time to give you quality, actionable insight, and telling you your work looks great is the easiest way out of the conversation.

Even requesting feedback from creative co-workers can result in the same challenges, since your peers are (hopefully) friends with you and/or are busy on their own projects and don't have time to offer in-depth analysis.

Future Feedback Environment: 92.2% of creatives who ask for feedback from people other than their client would be willing to request feedback in a digital community of creative peers.

Our solution to create the future of feedback:

At Creative Critique, we exist to empower and connect creatives to create better work, faster through actionable feedback. Launch your creative community for free at:

Check out the full survey and its results for each question on how creatives are collaborating below:

How Creatives Ask for for Feedback